April update

I thought I would write a quick update on my infopreneurial journey so far. I think the main challenge to date has been maintaining a healthy level of self confidence and self belief to keep going. I also think another important factor if you are starting your own business is to identify and build a relationship with a mentor. As I mentioned, before I started the thought leader process I met with Chris Curnow to ask for advice. Upon completing the Thought Leaders course in Sydney I now catch up with Chris twice a month to discuss how I am tracking and obtain guidance on what I need to do in the future to ensure I am successful. This not only provides me with structure but also keeps me motivated and helps banish any doubts I am having.

Another lesson I have learnt over the past few weeks is to focus on a specific message and market from the start rather than trying to launch too many services. I think the reason I tried to do too many things to start with was that I wanted to get some money coming in as soon as possible. I have now focused on one service which is “Leverage your MBA”, this has provided focus and enabled me to set clear objectives on what I want to achieve and what actions I’m going to take to reach these identified, specific goals. Last week I met with 2 fellow Melbourne Business School alums and ran through my ideas with them, the feedback I got was extremely positive, they definitely thought there was a need with MBA students for the workshop series that I’m looking to launch. The challenge now is getting in front of the right people and starting to pitch my ideas to them.

I have also reworded a two-page brochure I created, putting identified problems at the beginning and then communicating solutions to these problems in the rest of the document. The fact that I have both been MBA student and worked with many over the past 4 years will hopefully give me some accurate insights into the challenges that they still face.


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