Focus and decision time

Most of my first week was spent making my website vaguely presentable and working on the IP for my first 2 ideas. I had a very useful meeting with a contact of mine who is the CEO at a company called Insync Surveys, this gave me a good insight into what a business of a similar size might want in terms of a service.

My first idea is most closely tied to my past experience. The idea is developing a workshop and mentor series helping MBA students and graduates leverage their MBA. Over the past 4 years I’ve established myself as the go to person for MBA students (primarily from Melbourne Business School) looking for career advice. The topics I plan to cover include: Making the right career choice, positioning yourself in the right market, researching target companies and potential contacts, building and nurturing a business network and finally securing a role and proactively managing your post-MBA career. This would benefit current students and also Alumni.

I also met with Murray Noble, the owner of a recruitment firm and discussed possible opportunities to work together around presenting at CPA conferences etc. When you start to think about it, there are lots of people in a similar situation to me who deliver a focused service, the fact that entrepreneurs achieve more by focussing opens up the potential for collaboration without stepping on each others toes.

I’ve got a meeting with my Thought Leaders mentor, Chris Curnow today and have compiled a list of questions for him, mainly around the production of IP and the best first steps to take in terms of taking a product or service to market.


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